Digitalisation- the Craft of the Future?


It’s no big surprise that the media is in a constant state of evolutionary change- if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be writing anything. But today, I will be looking more at the media and its constantly evolving form between the analog and the digital remediation.

Today, the boundaries between creator and viewer are ‘breaking down’ in the sense that; new waves of creators are being formed through the dialogic nature of the internet (where everyone has easy access to practically everything- check out my previous blog and this site for more info on dialogic media) and that audiences are now able to interact more with the digital media through the remediation of the analog. Because of this, the boundaries between production (the creation) and conception (the idea) are also, in a sense, breaking down.

The prezi that is linked above is a series of brief summaries I’ve written up about the remediation of the analog and the digital, along with a couple of examples of how craft and content is being dramatically changed by the digital media and its new creators: these examples being live streamer xMinks and the ‘humanoid robots’ being created in Japan.


Thank you for reading and I’ll speak to you soon!



Check out these sites for more information on xMinks and the humanoid robots:


One thought on “Digitalisation- the Craft of the Future?

  1. Rowan Grover says:

    Hey Lauren, love your ideas here with craft, you’ve got two unique yet equally interesting examples in your Prezi. You’ve got some good referencing, although I feel like the last few references perhaps could have been hyperlinked into discussion about the Prezi. However, I understand this can be difficult with the word limit.
    I especially like using the streamer as an example, but I think it’d be interesting if you explored how she’s maybe influenced by other streamers, or how her streaming has affected her medium. Nonetheless, really good relatable blog post, and good use of contrasting examples.

    Liked by 1 person

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