Our Digital Artefact- Book-to-Movie


Okay, for our digital artefact, Grace (click here to check out her site!) and I will be doing a collective series of reviews for Amazon.com. This was brought about by our passion for reading and we thought this would be a great idea to express our thoughts and opinions on books we have read or are willing to read in the future.

Each of our reviews will be quick summaries of what we ultimately think of the book- we will do a quick summary of each plot (of course, notifying any and all spoilers we may slip into them) along with our own opinion on the books’: plot, characters, etc. … Also- as an added bonus –if any of these books have been turned into a movie (or are a movie turned book) we will also add in a comparison between book and movie: and saying, not which one is better, but which one to read/watch first to get a better view of the story and its characters!


All reviews will be available for viewing on both Grace’s website (link above) and via our Amazon profile; more details soon to follow.

If you have any recommendations for what we should review; comment on either the reviews present on Grace’s site or comment on this blog post and we shall see what we can do!


This is going to be a really fun and exciting experience for us and we’d love for you guys to join in on our little reviewing adventures!







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