The Media Giant


media owns us

The media is- as stated many times before –one of the biggest technological advances within our modern day society. It is a social giant for any and all audiences that are exposed to it- providing information and entertainment to everyone.

But where does all this information come from? And is any of it true? And … the biggest question of them all …

Does the media control us?

The answer is, abso-friggin-lutely.

Although we may not be aware of it- the media has the most powerful form of control over its audiences. The media not only gives information through television programmes, internet sites or newspaper articles- it has the dominant power to influence our thought process and how we speak, act or even how we interpret our surroundings. It is, in its own sense, influential on the public audience and its behaviour.

But the media is more ‘controlling’ than it is ‘influential’. As I mentioned, the media is highly dominant on our thoughts and opinions- we are easily persuaded into believing what we hear from the media because we have the assumption that it is ‘factual and true’ because it’s on the internet. This is not the case, some media and social media giants are very controlling over what is seen by the public and what is actually allowed to be shared to and from individual members. This proves a problem in the reliability of the information gathered, as one person has their perspective and manipulates the audience to follow through with what is said.

In this photo below is a portrait of Milly Dowler:

Milly Dowler.PNG

^Article of Milly Dowler from ‘The Guardian’

Unfortunately, in 2002, Milly was murdered and her case was difficult to track. Why was it difficult to track? Because a branch of media owned by head honcho Rupert Murdoch- News of the World -hacked onto the 13-year-olds phone- this resulted in the deleting and misplacing of essential messages that would’ve led to the criminal responsible for the murder of Milly. News of the World even admitted to hacking into Milly’s phone, leading to a public outcry and News International closing the Sunday tabloid in 2011- nearly ten years after Milly’s death! Potential evidence towards the case was ultimately lost due to these interferences of the media ‘wanting a story’.

The media is a super-giant of privacy invading stories- which cause numerous complications to the reliability of any and all information exposed to us!

So rule number one when reading your next newspaper or Buzzfeed article-

Make sure that it is reliable!



For more information on the Milly Dowler case, check out these two sites:



One thought on “The Media Giant

  1. alanakhouri says:

    Hey, some really interesting points you’ve brought up about how media can control us. It is completely true that the media is so easily able to influence us as its something that plays such a big part in our daily lives. I think it’s quite scary to think that so few people control almost all media we’re exposed to. It does makes me question what we’re shown and told. The case you spoke about is quite shocking and shows the the extensive power these mass media companies can have. Really goes to show they prioritize making a story over integrity.

    Liked by 1 person

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