Hi There!

Welcome to the ThatGirlLauren.blog!

I am ‘that girl’ Lauren, and I am writing this to welcome you all to this blog site, and as an introduction to answer a couple of questions. First of all: Who exactly is Lauren?

…I’m afraid even I don’t have a complete answer to this question, but I will answer with the information I have so far…

My name (of course) is Lauren Fisher, and I am a seventeen-year-old, first-year student at the University of Wollongong. I was born in Kingston upon Hull in England and I moved to the Southern Highlands when I was seven years old. I prefer dogs over cats because of the sheer fact that I haven’t owned a cat so I don’t know what that’s like, my favourite bands are Coldplay and Florence and the Machine, and I have the highly valued belief that Ten will always be better than Eleven.

I completed my HSC just last year, and only months after getting my HSC results back did I make the decision to jump straight into UOW. But why, you may ask, am I here? Why didn’t I take a gap year? The reason to these questions, is because of another question I pondered over during those few months- What am I doing with my life?

This one question is what got me up out of bed. Granted, working as a Subway chick is not half bad, but that couldn’t have been all to this year, could it? Working hard to have a gap year, during my gap year? I felt lost and alone, spending most of my days playing Fallout 4 or skimming through countless Facebook posts and Youtube videos- the whole time ending the day with, ‘What am I doing?’ Yes, I was calm and relaxed, but I felt like I was getting nothing out of this, and that I felt I had much more potential to do something worthy. So I made a decision, and that decision was to write.

I’m enrolled to complete a double degree for a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies-Bachelor of Creative Arts, and I’m majoring in Journalism and Professional Writing and Creative Writing. I chose these courses because I’ve been fascinated with writing- both fictional and factual -ever since I could pick up a pencil and make a squiggle that could pass as a ‘c’, and over the years I’ve become interested with how the media ‘works’ and how different media platforms can have a great impact on the audiences. The reason behind the blog itself, is because I am currently enrolled in the BCM 112 and 110 subjects, and over the course of the next few weeks I will be having weekly blogs about the opinions and thoughts I develop about the various topics of interest brought up within these subjects.

So that’s why I’m here, to continue working on a passion I’ve had throughout my whole life- without even noticing it (I know, doesn’t make sense does it?).

So that’s that, this is why I’m here and now you know a little bit more about ‘that girl’ Lauren. I want to finish this introduction by thanking you for reading this, I hope it made some sense, and I welcome you to the ThatGirlLauren.Blog!




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